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Why Should You Hire a Cab for Your Next Road Trip?

Are you planning a Rajasthan trip by car this summer vacation? Then you must have thought of the car for the holiday. Well, you have two options whether you can take your car or hire a cab for the whole journey. Yes, most of you prefer your vehicle for road trips as you don’t have to be answerable to anyone and of course, what’s better than one’s own car.

However, we would personally suggest you a hired cab for Rajasthan tour by car. Although your self-driven car has its benefits and convenience, if you evaluate properly, then you will conclude that cab is more economical and the best option. Here are 5 benefits of cab over your vehicle. Take a look:


1. Cab driver cum guide

With a cab, you also get a driver who is at your assistance all the time. Apart from being a polite and helpful companion in your journey, he can also guide you during the trip. Most of the professional cab drivers are familiar with the customs, legends, markets of different tourist places. They can take you for sightseeing to some exclusive spots which you might not have heard of before. They can help you bargain for souvenirs as they understand local languages and market systems.


2. No wear & tear

You will be going to new cities and driving through new roads which you have never seen before. There might be potholes, damaged roads or you can face some emergencies like a flat tyre. However, with a hired cab, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of a car that is caused due to bad roads and infrastructure. There will be no depreciation in the value of your car and you can enjoy your trip, keeping all your car worries at bay.

Convenience of time

When you have a cab driver with you, you can enjoy your trip at your own convenience. You don’t have to worry about sleeping early and getting up early in the morning. Even if you are not well-rested because you were busy in late night chats, there is someone who has slept well and will drive the car for you. You can take a nap, listen to your favourite music and enjoy your trip as per your convenience.


3. No car service stress

When you take your car, you have to give it for service before and after the trip. You have to spend 4-5 hours in the garage for extra care and check every detail once it is back from the service. However, now you can take your Rajasthan trip by car without worrying about the condition of your vehicle. You are paying for a cab and the agency will take care of all the maintenance.


4. Comfort

Last but not least. Holidays are all about relaxing and rejuvenating after hectic schedules at the office. Driving through the trip can be stressful for many. You have to take care of your sleeping hours, backache, break timings, and everything else. But drivers are trained for long journeys. With a professional at your service, all you have to do is enjoy the trip and have fun with your family and friends.


So, what are you waiting for now? Just book a cab, hire a driver and kick-start your Rajasthan tour by car for the amazing summer experience. Happy holidays!

5 Places in Udaipur With Mysterious Stories

We all have grown up hearing ghostly stories from our grandmothers. But, what if the characters of those stories haunt you in real life? For an adventure freak, it might seem like great fun. Though, I am not sure about others. Once in a lifetime, we feel or witness something eerie that makes us believe in the supernatural world. If you are keen to have a close encounter with ghosts, then here are 5 haunted places in Udaipur that you may want to visit this summer.

Yes, the city of lakes is home to many mysterious places that tourists are afraid to visit after dusk. Do not believe me? So, here we go:


1. Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh:


Remember, the Jauhar scene that took place in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati?’ Well, the real Padmini, queen of Mewar sacrificed her life with 700 others in this majestic palace of Chittorgarh. This act of Jauhar was performed to protect their honour after the King Ratan Sen’s defeat from Alauddin Khilji. Even today, the screams of those women try to tell a story of sacrifice, pain and pride. Yes, present-day visitors claim to hear the cries of the helpless women pleading for help.


2. NH79 Ajmer-Udaipur Highway:


Ever taken this route while taking a Rajasthan tour by car? You might have seen a blurred image of a lady with her daughter crying for help? Well, here is the story behind it. The locals believe that the image belongs to a mother who was trying to save her daughter from a forced child marriage. While running across the highway, the mother-daughter was hit by a moving truck. Due to this tragic accident, they lost their lives. Since then, their spirits have not left the Highway. They are seen occasionally at the same place. So, got another reason to go Jaipur to out station by car?


3. Chirwa Ghati:


This ghati has witnessed the most accidents over the past years. They say that Chirwa Ghati has some sort of mysterious connections. However, this ghati has been constructed into a tunnel now. Earlier any person who took the Chirwa route, halted at a temple to seek God’s blessings for the journey ahead. It is said that travellers who did not stop at the temple met with terrible accidents along the way.


4. Bedla Mata Temple:


It is a popular spot for local villagers of Udaipur. According to villagers, Goddess Bedla has the power to drive away evil spirits that attack human souls. In a bizarre ritual held at the temple, the ‘bad’ spirit has to pass by a shallow stone cave to get rid of evil forces. And yes, there is no looking back after that. Because the deserted spirits may be keeping an eye over you. So, be aware!


5. Chandani Village:


Situated 23 km from the main city, localities warn not to cross Chandani village after the dark. It is said that the spirit of a woman lingers this village. Yes, there is much more to its fascinating beauty.

So, which place you won’t mind visiting on your next Rajasthan tour by car? Tell us in the comment below. To avail safe, comfortable and affordable Jaipur to out station by car services, get in touch with us.


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4 Things That Are Difficult to Miss Out in Pushkar and Ajmer

It was the last month when I took a Jaipur to out station by car tour. To my surprise, I discovered that there are many places that lie in close proximity to the Pink City. If you are planning a getaway to Jaipur, then do include two more places in the list. Ajmer and Pushkar are two destinations that you may not wish to miss out. There are various centres of attractions in both of these cities that attract travellers from across different parts of the world. Here are 5 things that every traveller visit in Pushkar and Ajmer.

Dargah Sharif, Ajmer -


Dargah Sharif, Ajmer: This is certainly the first place to head while you are in Ajmer. Dargah Sharif is one of the popular pilgrimage places in the city. To enter the main mosque, tourists have to walk a short distance. Along the way, one gets fascinated by the gleamy markets that are nothing less than a delight to the eyes.

The Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s dargah reflects a unique divinity that you may not feel anywhere else. Over the decades, many Bollywood celebrities have been paying their visits to this holy place. Before starting with the long journey ahead, do spare time to seek the Khwaja ji’s blessings.


Brahma temple, Pushkar:


In the world, there are not many temples dedicated to the Brahma, the creator. This temple is considered one of the oldest pilgrims in India. Mostly painted in blue tone,

Brahma temple has always a long queue of devotees waiting for the creator’s darshan. Be mentally prepared to make your way to the temple darting out a swarm of people.


Camel Fair, Pushkar:


Pushkar is well-known for this one-of-a-kind fair. In the fair, camels and livestock are bought and sold between interested buyers and sellers. Besides this, there are other competitions organized for the entertainment of foreign and Indian guests.

The 5-day long event which is held in the last quarter of the year makes your Pushkar stay an even more memorable one.




These cities are home to a series of beautiful lakes. There is a lake named Ana Sagar that derives its name from its builder, Anaji Chauhan. If you are searching for a place away from the hustle bustle of the city, then sit by this lake. While in Pushkar, we have the Pushkar Lake that has mythological importance in the Hindu culture.

There are theories behind how this lake come into existence. According to some, Lord Shiva’s tears filled the lake while to others it was the creation of lotus petals that slipped out of Brahma’s hands.


So, what are you waiting for? Opt for either a Jaipur day tour package or another and get started. It’s time to take a Jaipur to out station by car and embrace a new world. Have a safe and happy journey!


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5 Travel Hacks For an Indian Summer Road Trip

Summers are here. And with holidays around the corner, nothing could beat the fun of hitting the road along with your family, or friends, for a long summer vacation. But many forget that roads trips are not always that merrier as they show in movies. When you have decided to go Jaipur to out station by car, it is better that you have a plan that makes your trip as smooth as possible. So let us have a look at 5 travel hacks that will make your next road trip the best one of your life.


Buy a Multi-Port Car Charger

Road trips are about bonding, singing, and looking out of the car window; in movies. In reality, no matter how close you are to your family members or friends, everyone needs to have a little of “Me” time. And modern road trips come to one thing, and one thing only, when it comes to that, which is using your smartphones. So its better that you get a multi-port car charger if your have planned a Rajasthan trip by car. This is also important from security point of view. You can’t afford to wait for the next petrol pump or a motel where you could just leave your phone to charge. Your car is your best option when it comes to leaving something as personal and important as your phone.

Go for the Veggies only; if Possible

Vegetarian food is your best bet to stay healthy and hydrated throughout your trip. The chances of you getting fresh vegetarian food are always higher than getting the same in a non-veg menu. Having veggies throughout your trip would keep you light and quick, keeping any digestive troubles at bay.

Travel in Morning. Check-in At Night

No hack list is complete unless at least one tip that talks of money is included. Roads are not so safe in night, and hotels or guests house are no fun during days. That’s why it’s better that you plan your Rajasthan trip by car in such a way that your stays are always scheduled for the night. Just check-out as soon as the sun comes up, and spend your daylight hours exploring more and more of your city.

Avoid Shops, Try the Streets

It is unwise to buy anything from souvenir shops. The reason is that not only the margin for a bargain is too small, the prices are also high because of the union of the nearby shop owners. Bu the street vendors, on the other hand, are easy to bargain with, and also sell at prices that are too affordable for anyone; given you know how to bargain.

Have Some Cash on You

This one is not only for holiday trips but for every time when you decide to go Jaipur to out station by car. Having some cash on you provides you the much-needed liquidity you need when on a road trip. SImply because you can’t always depend on ATMs installed at the gas stations, nor you could swap your card at every shop that you buy something in.


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4 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Taxi

Planning a Rajasthan trip by car? Well, let us assure you that it is going to be one of your best experiences ever. Road trips by rental taxis have become the most convenient way for tourists to travel and have an adventure that they can cherish for life. Of course, there are other modes of traveling too but taxis have certain benefits over others. You not only have control and flexibility over your itinerary but it is also easier to travel and explore places without even planning ahead. However, you must remember to opt for taxis with a driver as it is quite safe and he will even know all the routes. Having said that, we also believe that you need to take a few precautions before hiring a cab to ensure smooth vacations. So, before you book a car rental for Jaipur sightseeing, we would suggest you ask a few questions to the cab agency or driver to avoid any clashes or doubts. Read further to know more:


What about the authenticity of the taxi agency?

There are many companies who run taxi business without any license. These are illegal agencies and offer pirate taxi services where they con people to make easy money. Therefore, it is essential to ask the company and driver if they have a legal permit to operate. You can also go through their already available reviews and feedback on the website to know what other clients have to say about them. Only when you are assured of their authenticity and credibility, go for their services.


What is the experience of the driver?

You should know all the necessary details of the person who will be driving the car you are traveling in and will be your guide throughout the journey. So, first, ask the driver and agency about the experience of the driver and whether he is proficient enough to drive on the routes that you will be taking. You must know if he is familiar with all the possible ways to reach your destination and if you can lay your trust in him or not.


What is the condition of the taxi?

After the driver, your query must move on to the cab and its condition. Make sure that there are seatbelts in the front seat and back seat too. Windows and handle work properly to ensure safety. Also, if you have luggage, then see that the cab has carriage on top where you can tie all your bags and suitcases tightly, else there must be enough boot space.


What is the rent?

Last but not least. Ask the rent of the taxi. Before you zero in on the car rental for Jaipur sightseeing, you must know that the rent is affordable for you. Most agencies charge per kilometers from passengers but there are a few who have fixed price for a day. Opt for the one that suits your budget. Also, ask about the minimum rent per day if they are charging per km rent. The price will vary according to the size of the cab, so finalize the taxi according to your budget.


Now that you are aware of all the prerequisite questions, it’s now time to book a Rajasthan trip by car. The heritage and tradition of the state that is reflected everywhere you go will be worth your money and time.


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3 Forts That You Can't Afford to Miss on Your Delhi Trip

Your Delhi Agra Jaipur tour by car package, or the golden triangle tour, might already be having all the wonders of Delhi. But neither any man nor any plan is always perfect. So before you hop into your ride for Jaipur to outstation by car, here are 3 historical forts of Delhi that “must” visit to make your Delhi experience unforgettable.

Red Fort:

Red Fort was built in the year 1648 by the fifth Mughal emperor, Shahab-Ud-Din Muhammad Khurram, as the palace for his capital “Old Delhi”; called “Shahjahanabad” in those times.

Hailed as the zenith of Mughal Architecture, the many pavilions of the fort contain architectural elements that represent a fusion of Mughal, Persian, Timurid, and Hindu traditions. UNESCO identified this 17th-century marvel as a world heritage site in 2007, with its official name Red Fort Complex.

Purana Qila (Old Fort):

Renovated and renamed to “Shergarh” in 1533 by emperor Sher Shah Suri of Suri dynasty, the Archeological survey of India concluded the fort to be the capital of Pandava kingdom Indraprastha. Edward Lutyens, the chief architect of New Delhi, aligned the Rajpath with Purana Qila.

Old Fort has three arched gateways, which are still in use. First is “Bara Darwaza”, or Big Gate, which faces west. The second gate is called Humayun gate, or more popularly known as South gate by the locals. Finally, the third one, Forbidden Gate, popularly known as 'Talaqi Gate'.


The fort has been witness to many great events of historical significance. Like the coronation of the great Hindu king Hem Chandra Vikramaditya; or Hemu. The event took place at the premise of Purana Qila after Hemu defeated Akbar’s forces in the Battle of Delhi in 1556. You simply can’t afford to miss a visit to the ancient and historical Purana Qila when planning your Delhi Agra Jaipur tour by car package.


Salimgarh Fort:

Built in 1546 in a former Yamuna(river) island by Salim Shah Suri, Salimgarh Fort is a witness to the 15-year pause in Mughal reign over India. The pause happened because of the defeat of Mughal ruler Humayun by the hands of Sher Shah Suri, founder of the Suri dynasty in India. Aurangzeb later turned Slaimgarh fort into a prison, a practice which was continued by British rulers of India to push back the revolt of 1857. After the revolt was put down, Britishers started using the fort for an army base camp but soon resumed its usage as a prison during the Subhash Chandra Bose led Indian National Army(INA) revolt.

After understanding the historical and archeological importance of the site, UNESCO declared the fort complex as a World Heritage site in 2007.


If you are planning to go Jaipur to outstation by car to visit the many monuments of old and New Delhi, then we, at ICT, could help you get the best out of your tour plan.


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The Temple City of Rajasthan: Pushkar

Situated at a distance of 148 km from pink city Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital, it takes around 2 and a half hour by road to reach the city of Temples; Pushkar. A pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs alike, Pushkar is the only place on Earth having a Brahma temple, built in the early 14th century. Located on the shore of pious Pushkar lake, which has about 52 ghats used by pilgrims to take the holy bath, the town has as many as 400 beautiful temples.

Mode of Transport
There are multiple modes of transport that one could choose to reach the holy city. The nearest international airport to Pushkar is in Jaipur, flights from where take only 127 km of aerial route. Next option is to take a train from Jaipur for Ajmer, a journey at the end of which one has to take a taxi to travel for another 10 km to reach the final destination. But the best way to reach Pushak from Jaipur is by taxi, a trip that only takes around 2 and a half hour. Jaipur to Pushkar taxi fare is even low and justified.


Best Time to visit Pushkar
As Pushkar is a year-long tourist destination, you can choose to book a Pushkar-Jaipur tour package at any time of year. But in order to get the most out of your trip, you can choose to visit the town during the months of October – November. This is also the time when the world famous camel fair comes to town. But don’t get too confused with the name, as once the trade fair starts, “camels” only seem to be an add-on in this magnum-opus, where different culture and traditions of Rajasthan seem to share the best of themselves.

Main Tourist Attractions
The town is truly incredible in the way it welcomes and hosts its guests. Your journey could start from the banks of Pushkar Lake. Where you will see the 52 ghats of the lake jam-packed with hundreds of pilgrims. For a spiritual getaway, there are about 400 temples in the city. Famous of them are the great Brahma temple, Savitri Temple, Old Rangji Temple, Apteshwar Temple, Paap Mochini Temple, Raghunath Temple. If you are a fan of food, then make sure that your Pushkar-Jaipur tour package must include the eateries which serve Rajasthan's famous cuisine- Dal, Bati, and Churma. For lovers of nature, the place plays a heavenly host. You can take a trip to the nearby Nag Pahars, the mountains on which the entire town resides. Or the famous rose gardens, the hundred acres of farmlands used by local farmers to grow roses for the local and other temples.


In the End
Pushkar is like no place you have seen before. Everything in the town seems to be in perfect harmony with nature and is perfect in every sense. Every corner of the city speaks of spiritualism, and every turn reminds you of the man-divine connection. Even the Jaipur to Pushkar taxi fare is so low that you won’t have to give a second thought while paying off the amount.


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